Renewable Energy

Tropitech Solutions designs, specifies, integrates, and commissions renewable energy systems. We are a firm believer in utilizing the resources owned by the community we live in. Wind, Solar, and Water can provide clean, economically feasible power generation solutions to our high energy costs. High efficiency, low maintenance wind turbines and high performance solar PV panels provide short payback periods in our high energy cost environment. Unfortunately, these resources are not always available (i.e. the wind isn’t always blowing and the sun goes down) and therefore classifies these generation sources as “non-dispatchable.” Combining these resources with effective energy storage makes these resources dispatchable and readily available as “base load.”

Solar PV

High performance PV panels are now able to produce 1MW in less than 3 acres. This produces more watts per given area as well as reduces any perceived visual impacts. Tropitech specializes in location of both wind and solar PV to minimize environmental impacts while increasing available generation output.
Solar PV daytime production integrates perfectly with high production wind turbines and energy storage to produce the ultimate dispatchable renewable energy system.


A microgrid co-locates electricity generation and consumption. Unlike the utility grid, which generates electricity in a centralized power plant and then distributes it along miles of transmission lines, a microgrid generates electricity on-site. For electricity generation, our microgrids typically standalone systems that use Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems, and a paralleling Diesel or LPG Generator. Intelligent software controls automatically control generation sources based on load and available capacity. Microgrids can be connected and parallel with the utility if desired and allowed by the utility.

Large (100 kW to 6MW), direct drive wind turbines, are a very practical and economical means of producing renewable energy for islands. Integrating wind turbines with an energy storage system produces a zero-carbon, high production dispatchable renewable energy source.