We offer two types of meter services and products:

Energy Metering. These meters allow the customer to log and analyze energy consumption data for their entire facility and/or specific areas or equipment. This type of metering focuses on managing and reducing the energy consumption.

Power Metering. These meters focus on determining power demand requirements as well as power quality. Plants and facilities need to know how to size their system from their power demands. Facilities may also have power quality issues that need to be investigated and our power metering service and meters allow these issues to be captured and corrected.


eGauge products are typically used for energy metering and are economical compared to large commercial and industrial type metering. These systems connect to the facility network and are accessible by computer, tablet, and/or smartphone. Data is logged and is available real time and in downloadable form for detail analysis. eGauge Systems LLC was founded in 2008 and is also a “Lean & Mean” company which has created a good working relationship. They have fantastic support and a highly reliable product with a standard 2-year warranty. eGauge provides U.S. made controllers and Chinese Current Transformers. The controllers constitute the largest cost and therefore have no U.S. Customs Fees.


Accuenergy Meters. Accuenergy, formed in 1998 is a leading manufacturer of power and energy metering products. These meters are designed for commercial facilities, industrial facilities, and utilities.
eGaugePro eg4130 250 eos picAccuenergy is also one of the five (5) approved energy meters that can be used on Tesla Microgrid Controllers. This is a very high quality, flexible, and reliable product that comes with solid manufacturing support. All equipment comes with a standard 5-year warranty. Both Energy and Power Metering is best designed and supported from an engineering and/or controls company.