Acceptance Testing & Commissioning

Before you bring new electrical or HVAC equipment online, you will need to perform a acceptance test. Often the vendor will offer to provide this. However, in order to protect your investment and ensure that it meets the approved design and that it satisfies the intent of your application.

According to electrical equipment manufacturers, up to 30% of newly installed electrical equipment fails to operate properly. This can be caused by mishandling, improper installation or construction debris and dust. You can protect the validity of your manufacturer’s warranty through non-biased, independent acceptance testing.

The start-up of your new electrical power system is a unique occurrence and could expose both new and existing problems with the system. Commissioning by a qualified professional can verify proper operation, identify installation problems and assure you of total power system performance.

Tropitech can provide testing of Medium Voltage Transformers, Breakers, Protective Relays, and Cables.