Energy Efficiency & Assessment

Power Generation

Generating clean, reliable, power is important for all building applications. Whether prime or backup power, when the generation plant is called upon the system must deliver. Tropitech can design your power generation system based upon the specific need and application. Diesel, propane, and Clean Bio-fuel gensets as well as renewable energy generation are all considerations for your Prime or baseload generation.

Generation system controls are as important as the power plant itself. We can design a complete system integrating generation with the utility, other power sources, or within a Microgrid scheme. Power generation designs are dependent on the hourly load profile, existing eqiupment, and customer priorities. Considerations include budget, energy savings, energy storage integration, paralleling applications, location, and available fuel sources.

Co-Generation and Heat Recovery

Co-Generation is the process or production of thermal and electric energy from a single fuel source. Making use of waste heat is a huge opportunity often missed in power generation systems.

Typical applications consist of generating power using a diesel, propane, or bio-fuel Generator and then capturing the heat from the engine’s jacket water and/or exhaust system. Not only is this heat typically lost to the atmosphere, often electric fans and complicated radiator sytems are utilized to remove this heat.

This heat can be captured and utilized to provide domestic hot water, steam generation (i.e. to produce more electricity), or evaporative air conditioning.

Power Distribution

Distributing power throughout your facility should not be taken lightly. Inefficient design, poorly maintained equipment, and the effects of the tropical environment can greatly reduce power efficiency while increasing hazards. Switchgear, transformers, panelboards, and related equipment are key elements in any building’s power system. Protecting your system from small-island or self-generating grids can produce tremendous energy savings while greatly reducing maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

Tropitech can design or analyze your existing system and recommend equipment to provide your facility with a high quality, energy efficient, and safe electrical system. We have experience in local distribution, microgrids, as well as integration and interconnections to medium voltage and utility systems.